IT Support That Stays Ahead of the Challenges

IT support that stays ahead of the challenges

Dhanuka Agritech Limited improves the performance of its business software, reducing support tickets by 92 percent using proactive support services

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Business needs

Dhanuka Agritech Limited wanted to switch from a reactive system of IT support that was reducing the performance of a business-critical enterprise resource planning platform. The company sought to boost support efficiencies, enhance IT approval ratings and lower costs where possible.

Business results

  • Reduces IT support tickets by 92% through proactive maintenance

  • Saves 15% in licensing costs using account manager support

  • Achieves 99.95% uptime, boosting staff performance

  • Streamlines implementations with deployment support

  • Gains high approval rating for IT across the company

Dhanuka Agritech Limited supplies more than 10 million farmers in India with agrochemicals like herbicides, insecticides and fungicides. It reaches these farmers through a network of more than 7,000 distributors, selling to over 75,000 retailers.

With so many distributors to service and such a wide range of products, Dhanuka relies heavily on IT to coordinate business activities. Its Microsoft Dynamics enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform is by far the company’s most important IT system. To maximize performance, the company underpinned the platform with Dell EMC PowerEdge servers.

Needs greater proactive management

Over time, the IT team looked to improve the way it managed the servers. IT staff lacked the tools to manage the machines proactively. This affected the stability of the ERP platform, which led to at least two IT support tickets being raised each month. Anand Chaudhuri, senior manager for IT Excellence & Operations at Dhanuka, adds, “We needed support that could help us overcome our internal IT limitations.”

Finding support that inspires confidence

The company engaged ProSupport Plus for Enterprise to gain expertise and technological insight. As part of the agreement, Dhanuka began working with a technical account manager, who advised the company to implement OpenManage Essentials to monitor and manage the hardware that supports its ERP system. It also started working with the Dell Enterprise Deployment Team.

Reduces IT support tickets through proactive maintenance

By taking advantage of OpenManage Essentials systems management, Dhanuka has significantly improved the stability of its ERP platform. Chaudhuri says, “Reliability across the ERP platform is much improved since we began using OpenManage Essentials to monitor and manage the health status of the system. As a result, we have reduced the number of support tickets raised by about 92 percent.”

Improved uptime boosts staff performance and approval

Dhanuka has increased the availability of the ERP platform through proactive management, with the technical account manager playing an important role. For example, he notifies the Dhanuka IT team of critical software updates in advance. “We have at least 99.95 percent uptime now with the ERP platform, which is helping increase performance across the business and the IT approval rating among employees,” says Chaudhuri.

Lowers licensing costs and streamlines deployment through support

Dhanuka has also been able to take advantage of ProSupport Plus for Enterprise to decrease its IT spending on VMware® software licenses. Chaudhuri says, “We reduced our VMware licensing costs by 15 percent by working with our technical account manager and purchasing OEM licenses through Dell.” In addition, with the support of the Enterprise Deployment Team, the company implemented a Dell EMC PowerVault LTO-6 tape drive. “We saved time by working with Dell EDT because we had no post-deployment issues,” says Chaudhuri. “We had a great experience.”