How Cloud-Based Services Optimize Healthcare

Cloud-based services optimize healthcare

Healthcare service provider Reliable de México builds a secure cloud to provide uninterrupted access to patient images and files, streamline technology management, and improve the quality of care

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Business needs

Reliable de México aims to deliver the best possible medical imaging and other digital healthcare services while also eliminating disruptions from equipment failure and streamlining technology management.

Business results

  • Helps medical professionals provide uninterrupted care

  • Provides the visibility to enable predictive hardware maintenance

  • Enhances digital service delivery with strategic expertise and technology guidance

  • Simplifies consistent, centralized management of nationwide network

Safeguards medical

images and data for anytime, anywhere access in the cloud


patients’ care and improves their experience

For more than a quarter century, Reliable de México has supported the Mexican healthcare sector, evolving from a product distributor into a provider of digital services. More than 150 hospitals and clinics take advantage of Reliable’s services, which include medical image processing and storage as well as digital infrastructure for hospitals. Reliable technicians and engineers working in small data centers at every hospital ensure an optimal service quality.

Annually, Reliable supports close to 3.5 million patient studies, each of which can include as many as 1,500 high-definition images. Reliable purchased hardware from several vendors to manage this workload, including Dell EMC. It became a complex challenge to monitor service quality and manage the storage, servers and workstations in hospitals and clinics, as well as the corporate data center.

Building a strategic partnership

Ad-hoc consulting with Dell EMC on how to best configure and manage Reliable’s growing network led the company to select Dell EMC services and hardware for all computing needs. Guenther Schreiber, General Director at Reliable de México, says, “Initially, Dell EMC advised us on how to manage our digital imaging and other services. Over time, Reliable and Dell EMC aligned more closely as their expertise helped us manage our network. We developed a special synergy with Dell EMC. The major differences between them and other vendors are their level of service and their team members’ involvement with our concerns and strategy.”

An infrastructure to support the company’s growth

Collaborating with Dell EMC, Reliable created a secure cloud infrastructure to connect the hospital-based and central data centers and to provide accessible storage for many millions of medical image files. “Dell EMC helped us define our growth and storage strategy, assisted us in virtualizing our environment and consulted on the design and placement of servers needed to run the data centers,” says Schreiber. “What’s more, architectural guidance from Dell EMC helped us build our own cloud. From now on, any project we start, we start with Dell EMC.”

Countrywide hardware deployment

Standardizing on Dell EMC solutions, Reliable equipped its mobile and other service employees with Dell Latitude 5570 laptops, OptiPlex 3040 desktop computers and Precision 3620 Mini Tower workstations. The company is deploying 2.5 petabytes of Dell EMC Compellent storage solutions as well as Dell EMC networking equipment. The rollout of Dell EMC PowerEdge R530 rack servers is still in progress. A Quest KACE (formerly Dell KACE) K1100 systems management appliance facilitates streamlined, centralized data center and network endpoint management. “As expected, the Dell EMC servers we’ve deployed perform amazingly well,” notes Schreiber. “We handled most of the hardware rollout ourselves, but whenever we had a problem or the setup was highly complex, Dell EMC was right by our side.”

Fast issue resolution with extended warranty coverage

Reliable purchased Dell ProSupport and Dell ProSupport Plus extended warranties for the Dell EMC devices in hospitals and clinics. Schreiber explains, “We cannot afford to compromise patient care because a computer is not working. With our service contract with Dell, problems are almost always resolved within hours. The extended warranty gives us a solid framework for working together. We have powerful backing from Dell EMC. They provide optimal service and engage with us in a transparent relationship.”

Keeping images and data available in the cloud

In the cloud, Reliable digitizes and stores all radiology studies, and it replicates all images and other files to ensure they remain available if unforeseen events take a local data center offline. Says Schreiber, “Images and files are backed up in the cloud as an additional layer of redundancy. We already had redundancy at a local level, but now we also have a copy of all images and data in the Reliable cloud.”

Enabling predictive hardware maintenance

The Reliable IT team can now more closely track the performance of devices in its domain using a software package that features Dell SupportAssist. “We monitor all the critical servers in the hospitals as well as the diagnostic modeling hardware and magnetic resonance imaging machines,” notes Schreiber. “We often know what’s about to malfunction before it actually does, thanks to SupportAssist. We now practice a proactive approach to hardware management, which helps us improve our service.”

Accelerated, continuous patient care

For doctors and their patients, the Dell EMC technology facilitates effective care. “Patients wait less and their appointments are more productive and smooth,” Schreiber says. “Instead of receiving prints of their images, the images are easily exchanged among care providers through the network. When patients continue treatment elsewhere, they no longer carry paper records with them. Their images and data travel ahead of them to the new care providers. That reduces wait times and accelerates treatment.”

Valuable, long-term collaboration

The Reliable IT staff continues to complement its skills by learning from Dell EMC. Schreiber explains, “All our IT staff, myself included, are going to training sessions that Dell offers on a regular basis. We truly appreciate how Dell keeps us current on technology and how it evolves. It’s critical in providing the best possible service to our clients.” For Reliable de México, the relationship with Dell EMC will remain a strategic asset in the company’s delivery of digital healthcare services. “We’ve had suppliers who have tried to get us to go with them, but we haven’t taken them up on their invitations,” says Schreiber. “Reliable and Dell EMC are very close. We continue that relationship because of the collaboration we experience and the service and care we receive.”