R6415, R7415, or R7425 Servers: What to Know for Installation

What to know when installing and using operating systems on the R6415, R7415, and R7425 servers

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Dell has introduced the AMD Epyc server processor to Dell PowerEdge servers – What to know when installing and using operating systems on the R6415, R7415, and R7425 servers.

Dell PowerEdge servers have traditionally used Intel processors, but the new AMD Epyc processor is now an option on the server models listed above, and there are some specific nuances you should to be aware of when installing/using some operating systems.

General OS
Dell AMD servers will initially ship with only UEFI mode. Legacy bios mode will not be an option. This will limit OS selections to those that are UEFI-capable.

To install the Windows Server 2016 RTM using the OS install media:

1. Go to System Settings (Press F2 during the POST), disable the Virtualization Technology for the processor settings.
2. Install Windows Server 2016 with the OS media.
3. Apply latest Update Rollup available via Windows Update. Windows Server 2016 RTM requires a hotfix (Available on June 2017 Update Rollup and up) for a known AMD IOMMU issue. For Windows Server version 1709 deployment, you no longer need this hot fix.
4. Go to System Settings, and enable Virtualization Technology for processor.

If you wish to use Windows live debugging and want to use USB 3.0 as your debug transport, for the R6415 and R7415 platforms, only the internal USB port on the motherboard can be used for debugging, so the case must be opened. On the R7425, no USB ports can be used for USB debugging and you must resort to serial debugging for live debug.

For VMWare, be sure you update to the latest release:
* Navigate to the Platform’s support page and under Drivers, change OS to ESXi 6.5 and then in the Enterprise Solutions category, download the latest image.

For RHEL7.4, there is a bug that will prevent system boot up due to a kernel panic. The fix for the kernel panic is in this errata kernel:


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