Complete PC & Tablet Support With Minimal Effort

Everything you need to support PCs and tablets

ProSupport Plus is the most complete support service, it combines priority access to expert support, accidental damage repair, and proactive monitoring for automatic issue prevention and resolution.

It is designed to provide maximum support with minimal effort for you. As the first premium service for PCs and tablets1 that automates support, ProSupport Plus prevents issues before they occur and quickly resolve issues when they do.

Choose ProSupport Plus:

  • Priority access to ProSupport engineers 24x7x365 to quickly resolve hardware and software issues
  • Predictive analysis for issue prevention and optimization enabled by SupportAssist3
  • Proactive monitoring, issue detection, notification and automated case creation for accelerated issue resolution enabled by SupportAssist
  • Power to manage all your asset alerts from a single portal with Tech Direct or use tools you already use like Microsoft SCOM, Remedy, KACE and OpenManage Essentials
  • System repair after a drop, spill or surge to protect your investment
  • Hard drive retention after replacement to help secure your data1
  • Dedicated Technology Service Manager, a single point of contact for issue resolution and monthly reporting4


Complete support with minimal effort


  • Resolve issues quickly with ProSupport engineers

  • Increase productivity with proactive, automated support

  • Avoid downtime with failure prevention

  • Protect your investment with coverage for accidents

  • Secure your data with hard drive retention


  • Priority access toProSupport engineers
  • Dedicated Technology Service Manager
  • Collaborative support


  • Proactive issue detection
  • Predictive failure prevention
  • Monthly history and contract reporting


  • Automated case creation with notification
  • Repair for drops, spills and surges
  • Retain hard drive after replacement

Dell SupportAssist Technology

With years of experience proactively monitoring datacenters, Dell is now bringing proactive and predictive automated support to PCs and tablets.

SupportAssist provides:

  • Remote monitoring and automatic case creation
  • Automated collection of system state data for diagnostics
  • Predictive failure analysis and notification with case creation
  • Ability to manage asset alerts from a single portal with Tech Direct

Dell TechDirect

TechDirect is a self-service tool that allows you to manage multiple support cases and dispatch parts. It is available in 11 languages and can be accessed online, through a mobile application or APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). TechDirect is easy to use, convenient and flexible to fit your needs.


1 SupportAssist is only available on Windows 7, 8 8.1 and 10. Not available on Windows RT, Android or Google Chrome. Hard drive retention is not available on Chromebook or Venue tablets, except the Venue 11 Pro.

2 Based on Mar 2016 Principled Technologies test report, “Dell SupportAssist Provided Proactive Support for Hard Drive Failure”, commissioned by Dell. Testing conducted in the United States. Actual results will vary. Full report:

3 Predictive support available for hard drives and batteries

4 Available for customers with 500 or more ProSupport Plus Systems

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