How to Relinquish the Tedium, Not Control: ProDeploy Plus

Relinquish the tedium, not the control.

ProDeploy Plus is a comprehensive service providing seamless deployment of new technology. You get a single point of contact for project management including upfront planning, configuration, data migration and knowledge transfer. You will even be able to use system management software4 such as Microsoft SCCM or MDT to control configuration of new systems. Once we complete the installation, we enable you to perform a data sanitization* on legacy systems to prevent data excursions.

TechDirect puts full control in your hands and real-time status updates at your fingertips.

From the comfort of your office and with the click of a mouse, you will direct every task required to get new PCs from our factory to your employees’ desks, up and running. You can even check project status whenever you want from wherever you are. With TechDirect you can execute faster and with less risk for mistakes, thereby making the entire engagement more efficient.

Are you using system management software4? If so, take advantage of Dell Connected Configuration to get a distribution point set up in our factory where you can configure your BIOS and image, and even complete domain join for each individual employee. If you are not using system management software4, download ImageAssist to create a single, cross platform image that we will dynamically update with the latest drivers as they are released.

Either way, configuration tasks are saved in TechDirect and automated in the factory which improves consistency and reduces the number of tasks and amount of time that must be spent onsite. We can even schedule installations after hours or on weekends. All of which minimizes employee down time.

Execute domain join through Connected Configuration or let our technician perform domain join onsite as part of the installation.

Peer-to-peer data transfer is faster, more reliable and more secure because passwords do not need to be shared with technicians. Or we can adapt to your standard process for data migration.

Our best practices ensure a reliable deployment which helps reduces postdeployment spikes in help desk calls. But to make sure your help desk is not impacted, we also provide 30-day post-deployment support. All of which saves your IT staff time and improves employee satisfaction.


  • Deployment engineer develops implementation plan
  • Single point of contact for project management
  • Training credits help your IT staff and end-users keep skills up-to-date.
  • Technology Service Manager engagement3


  • Factory distribution point for imaging and configuration of system management software4 such as SCCM or MDT
  • Dynamic Imaging prior to shipping
  • Asset tagging and reporting completed prior to shipping
  • Project documentation with knowledge transfer



  • TechDirect self service portal for configuration and status updates
  • 24×7 onsite installation plus data and settings migration
  • 30-day post-deployment configuration assistance
  • Secure data sanitization for legacy system*

Trust Dell EMC and our partner experts to lead all aspects of deployments including planning, configuration, installation, data migration and knowledge transfer.

ProDeploy Client Suite includes:

ProDeploy Plus provides every task required to get new PCs from factory to desk, up and running. You will also get 30-day post-deployment support, 24×7 installation, data wipe as well as training credits which can be used to help your IT staff keep their skills up-to-date and adopt new technology quickly.

ProDeploy liberates your IT staff from time consuming deployment tasks. New PCs are configured prior to delivery and onsite installation is done during or after hours.

Basic Deployment accelerates PC deployment by reducing the configuration tasks that otherwise would be performed onsite.