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Esri boosts innovation and employee satisfaction by having Dell EMC provision right-sized client devices to global developers and business staff within a few days

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Business needs

To keep its 3,700 employees focused on developing new products, delivering excellent customer service and growing the business, Esri needed a faster way to provision client devices that are chosen and sized to meet the unique requirements of each employee — whether a developer, highly mobile salesperson or administrative associate.

Business results

  • Deploys the right client solution in a few days versus 2 weeks

  • Helps drive innovation in the development of GIS applications

  • Ensures emerging GIS applications make use of available client IT capabilities


employee efficiency and satisfaction


costs by right-sizing systems for users

Organizations in all industries are overcoming challenges with insights from geographic information systems (GIS). For example, governments now use GIS applications to monitor public events for security threats. Farmers employ spatial analysis to determine which strain of seed grows better in specific fields. And manufacturers depend on the technologies to visualize and streamline supply chains. Esri is a pioneer and global leader in GIS and spatial analysis. To fuel growth, its developers and business employees need highly reliable client technologies that support extremely diverse requirements, including high-performance computing and mobility as well as rapid, reliable access to data, services and applications such as Microsoft Office.

Ensuring that thousands of employees at 54 sites have continuous access to the right technologies is no small task, especially for developers who create and adapt more than 600 applications to run on customers’ various operating systems and devices. To keep up with demands, Esri orders hundreds of new client devices every fiscal quarter. Each one must be appropriately sized so it can easily meet customer requirements but not inflate costs by having too much CPU and memory sitting idle. Delivery time frames are also critical because staff are always operating under tight deadlines.

Why waste time waiting?

To help boost efficiency, Esri wanted to accelerate device provisioning. Employees sometimes waited up to two weeks for system allocations. Terry Kelly, information service and technology service delivery manager at Esri, says, “We knew there had to be a better way to make sure all our folks always have the right tools, regardless of where they work and what time zone they’re in.”

Comprehensive solutions from one source

Instead of continuing to engage a variety of vendors, Esri standardized on Dell devices, including Dell Precision tower and mobile workstations, Dell OptiPlex desktops and Dell Latitude laptops and 2-in-1s — all with a mix of Intel® processors and NVIDIA GPUs. “Compared with other vendors, Dell is stronger in terms of the hardware it provides,” Kelly says. “Its devices are very stable, easy

to use and durable. Dell’s approach to technology aligns with Esri’s evolving strategy. Its team does a good job of showing us where and how its roadmap meets our requirements, so we don’t have to discern that.”

A few days, not two weeks

To further boost operational efficiency and employee satisfaction, Esri engaged Dell EMC Services to manage global provisioning. “We cut delivery time for new hardware from two weeks to a few days by engaging Dell EMC Services,” Kelly says. Esri works with service consultants to maintain basic configurations and customize orders as needed, including changing operating system settings for security. “Not everyone needs a Ferrari. Dell EMC engages with us to really understand what our users need to make sure they have the right client technology, so we can be fiscally responsible. They also help ensure that our sales staff have mobile devices with the horsepower needed to run a broad set of demos, and still also have the video cards and hard drives that customers will be using.”

Greater agility drives innovation

Esri evolves its applications to support emerging devices and operating systems, so developers often encounter issues with pre-release products. Now, however, they don’t have to tackle such obstacles alone. For example, Esri recently engaged Dell EMC to help resolve an issue that turned out to be caused by a specific BIOS version and video card. Also, when developers faced a time-sensitive requirement related to a discontinued Apple Thunderbolt display, Dell EMC helped quickly test and provision the right Dell Ultra Sharp monitor model as a replacement. “We get very responsive support,” says Kelly. “Being able to collectively overcome challenges with our Dell EMC team helps us roll out new technologies faster and stay on the leading edge of our industry.” With Windows 10, you can cost effectively safeguard your business with intelligent security built-in, modernize your end user IT management processes and empower your workforce to unlock creativity and teamwork.