Real-world data for IT decisions

Real-world data for IT decisions.

Live Optics is free, online software you can use to collect, visualize and share data about your IT environment and workloads.

Start your IT Transformation with the facts.

In the digital economy, organizations need to modernize and transform IT to innovate faster and stay competitive. But purchasing decisions can seem risky without a clear and comprehensive view of your current IT environment and workloads, especially when budgets are limited.

Aggregating and analyzing data from individual servers to make purchasing decisions can lead to overspending. To modernize your infrastructure, you need to understand how workloads impact each other in a shared environment over time. Live Optics creates transparency, so you can accurately see and diagnose your unique IT needs and control the buying process.

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Live Optics is free, lightweight, remote and agentless software for collecting data about your
IT environment. It streams workload data from your system to an online analytics engine, then measures, analyzes and blends workload characteristics.

The Live Optics dashboard shows your results as a summary of individual and group server performance across all workloads. So you
can identify areas where the entire system can operate more efficiently as a whole — at potentially lower cost.

Get a clear view of your workload data in just 24 hours. If you choose, you can securely share data characteristics with your team, trusted advisors, hardware or software vendors, or anonymously with the entire Live Optics user community.

Collect, visualize and share workload characteristics.

Live Optics gives you direct access to the data and resources you need with 3 core features:

Collect — Capture performance, software, OS distribution and VM data for time frames ranging from a few hours to one week. Live Optics runs only in memory, making no modifications to servers while it gathers data with near zero overhead. It uses common protocols that generally require no “change control” or firewall modifications.
Visualize — See your IT environment in near real- time and eliminate guesswork. With Live Optics, you can even model project requirements to gain a deeper knowledge of workloads. The Viewer console gives you quick access to graphs and calculations from the Live Optics analytics engine. So you can clearly see resource requirements for all workloads.
Share — Consult with IT pros worldwide, or just
the people you choose. Using a feature similar to social media, Live Optics lets you share IT performance
and workload data characteristics securely and anonymously. You can collaborate with peers, vendors or channel partners without compromising security.

Gain valuable insights and stay in control.

Live Optics was designed with IT and business decision makers in mind. Take advantage of this powerful, online software to:

Save time by automating data collection.

The research and evaluation phase of a typical IT purchase cycle can last from 4 to 9 months. With Live Optics, you can collect and analyze your data in 24 hours or less.

Save money by shifting to a workload-based consumption model.

Many IT departments over-diagnose and overspend on hardware because they lack accurate usage data. Live Optics helps you re-focus on workload optimization to run cost effectively.

Gain transparency and define clear goals.

With deep insights to performance, workload simulations, utilization and support, you can document requirements, create an RFP and guide vendors to tailor a unique solution for you.

The Live Optics dashboard gives you control with a clear, accurate view of your IT environment and workloads.

Collect, visualize and share workload data characteristics to help your organization make data-driven decisions.

Make data-driven IT and purchasing decisions.

As enterprise resources and related costs continue to grow, businesses need to invest strategically. But examining server and data center performance in silos can lead to overspending. In addition, lengthy purchase cycles often prompt lines of business to procure their own IT resources.

Live Optics helps you overcome those challenges with quick, easy access to IT environment and workload data. When it’s time to modernize, you can make technology investment decisions based on facts.

The industry standard for IT analysis.

Live Optics has vendor, hardware and platform agnostic workload profiling. It also collects and analyzes data from industry-leading operating systems, hardware and virtual environments.

Live Optics has unique offerings for IT pros and IT providers, such as VARs, OEMs or MSPs. Sign up today under the profile that best fits you.

Available in 170 countries, Live Optics supports hundreds of thousands of end users and channel partner members, processing thousands of data- capture projects per week in 9 languages.

Accelerate your IT Transformation.

Use Live Optics to collect, visualize and share IT environment and workload characteristics, map solutions, create RFPs and more. With direct access to the data you need, you can make data- driven purchasing decisions, transform IT and deliver real business results.


© 2017 Dell Inc. All Rights Reserved. Powered by Live Optics, a Dell technology.

© 2017 Dell Inc. All Rights Reserved. Powered by Live Optics, a Dell technology.